The Do’S And Don’Ts When Encountering An Escort

Have you been invited to attend a bachelor’s party in honor of your friend who will be tying the knot soon? Then you know that there is a chance that escort girls at the party. As a first time encounter, it is important to know the difference between street girls and escort girls. Street girls don’t have principles, escort girls do and that’s why they provide professional services. Don’t have the misconception that escort girls are sluts.

As a first timer, you need to know that there is etiquette when it comes to interacting with escort girls at a party or any other event you have been invited to. Below are some do’s and don’ts of how to interact with a professional escort.

The Do’s

Be pleasant
When you are invited to a bachelor party, it is important not to embarrass your host. While escort girls have been invited in order to improve the celebratory mood as well as offer the party boy a bit of excitement before tying the knot, being rude or unpleasant will not be in the favor of anybody.

Read all policies carefully
Someone has recommended you to an escort service after seeing you go through hell during your breakup. All your friend wants is for you to be yourself again, and get a chance to move on. Just before your appointment with the lady, you need to go over all policies on the website. This is important as it will allow you to know where and when you will be required to make your donation. If she has an etiquette page, it is important to go through that too.

Groom yourself well
Even though it’s not your wedding or a job interview, you still need to look great. The escort girl will look her best, why not you too? Start by trimming the finger nails and the toe nails. Scratching someone is a big turn off. Second, trim your hair, your beard and finally have a shower before stepping out the door. You can decide to dress casually in a sports jacket and some slacks or you can opt for a tuxedo. Either way, you need to look good.

Share your fantasies
Every individual has their own fantasies they would like to fulfill. There are people who like to be tied to the bed and whipped a little bit. There are others who love to incorporate sexual toys into their experience. If you have such fantasies, you need to communicate them early.

The Don’ts

Never bark orders to the escort girl even if you are the one who is paying for the service. Remember, she is human and has feelings too.

If you have not communicated what your fantasies are the escort cannot know them. Expecting anyone to be a mind reader will only end up in disappointment. Tell her what you want done.

Never brush your teeth 30 minutes before an appointment. You may tear the lining of your mouth leading you to expose yourself to germs

Don’t apply too much cologne or after shave before your appointment especially if you expect to be licked.

Carry your own condoms and be prepared; she may have her own too cheap viagra usa.

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